ProTAB offers our employees the opportunity to experience new concepts in today's world of engineering and mechanical systems. You will be challenged on a daily basis!

Current available positions:

 Full-Time Experienced Testing & Balancing Technician
  Minimum of 5 Years is preferred but not required.
Holding a current TAB Certification (AABC, NEBB or TABB) would be beneficial but not necessary.
We are looking for an experienced TAB Technician we can immediately put in the field, with the ability and knowledge to complete an entire TAB project.
Depending on the project, you may be working solo or with others from our ProTAB team.
You may be required to bounce from project to project, as work is ready.

 Assistant Testing & Balancing Technician
  HVAC or experience with mechanical systems would be a huge plus. Strong willingness to learn & grow with our company.

Requirements & Expectations (All positions):
• Reliable transportation & a valid driver's license.
• Basic hand tools.
• Good communication skills, both in person & over the phone.
• Strong math & basic computer skills. Experience with MS Office would be beneficial.
• The ability to read and clearly understand mechanical drawings and specs.
• This position requires a deep understanding of Mechanical & HVAC Systems.
• Team player; depending on the project, you may be working on your own or with other ProTAB team members.
• A friendly, open-minded & relaxed attitude is how ProTAB operates.
• You may be required to pass a background check & drug test.
• Additional safety training & industry related training, may be required at times.

ProTAB will provide you with all the tools of the trade.
Pay & Benefits will be based off of your field experience and knowledge.
We are an E-Verify Company.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please submit your information using the form to the right or you can  send your résumé to

Please allow some time for us to review your
If we feel you may be a good candidate, we will contact you.





  5021 Michael's Meadow Drive
Hampstead, MD 21074
ph: (410) 935-8249
fax: (866) 642-0044
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